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    Software Sequencer

    Software Sequencer

    Used to create sequence blocks by the user.

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    How to generate voltage, current and frequency signals in sequence with software resources that facilitate and automate the procedure?

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    The purpose of this software is to reproduce voltage and current signals in sequence (undetermined quantity), with a format and time defined by the user. It is not stop software, so any and all actions on its binary inputs will be oscillographed by the software. The progression from one sequence to the other takes place by time or by binary logic and the start can be made by GPS or IRIG-b.

    The most important in this software, is the data entry format that the user can choose to parameterize each sequence, it stands out: Direct mode, Harmonic / DC mode, Interharmonic mode, Other waveforms, Symmetric components, Phase mode -Phase, Powers Mode, Fault Mode, Constant ZI Mode, Z-Intelligent Mode, Constant ZV Mode, Constant Source ZZ Mode, Standby Mode, Accommodation Mode.

    With these features, the user has the ability to shape a sequence of events for testing specific protection functions, such as reclosing, Breaker Failure, SOTF, Teleprotection, TransferTrip, among others.

    To facilitate analysis, the user has the ability to insert distance protection zones (with the same features as the DISTANC software) and synchronism zones (with the same features as the SINCRONISMO software).

    Another interesting tool, besides the visualization of waveforms, is the visualization of phasors, trajectories, harmonics, Synchronoscope (analysis of synchronism) and Plan Z (insertion of sequences directly in the impedance plane).

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    For validation of pick-up and time, the user has the possibility to insert evaluations with resources of time, level, ramp and calculation, where based on the generated waveforms and the oscillographed binary signals, there is the “Approved” or “ Disapproved”.

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