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    Software for Modeling the Power System and Simulating Electromagnetic Transients

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    The Power System Simulator (PS SIMUL) is software aimed at simulating electromagnetic, electromechanical transients and control systems.

    With an intuitive interface, a wide variety of developed blocks and the precision required by the power / control systems, PS SIMUL offers the best experience for the user in studies of electrical systems.

    PS SIMUL also has several forms of support, having at its disposal a vast library of application examples, the complete manual with the description and parameterization of all blocks, in addition to assistance with one of our specialists.

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    The software’s intuitive graphical interface brings a faster learning curve to the user, resulting in better productivity, time savings and cost savings. To further expand this facility, PS SIMUL allows variations of the system without requiring changes to the circuit through a control panel fully customized by the user.

    Among the various features of the software, we can highlight: resolution of differential equations by hybrid method (Trapezoidal + Interpolation + Euler) that avoids the occurrence of numerical oscillations when switching; possibility of declaring global variables (constants) that allow adjustments common to several blocks at a single point; feature of automated multiple tests, with the alteration of one or more system constants; application of faults without the need to divide the transmission line manually; shorting between turns of the transformer through access to its windings; internal measurements of different magnitudes of the power blocks; automatic evaluation of results by logics parameterized by the user; password protection of files; easy data entry; creation of complete reports; among others.

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    The vast library of PS Simul has more than 400 components, such as lines and cables (with concentrated or distributed parameters), power transformers, instrument transformers (with saturation curve modeling), circuit breakers and switches (with opening time and closing and opening current control), machines (synchronous, asynchronous and CCs), logic and control, power electronics (IGBT, Mosfet, Thyristor, Triac) and much more!

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    The user can analyze the output of his simulation in several ways: waveforms (including symmetrical component, powers and impedances), phasors, impedance trajectory, bar graph for harmonic decomposition. All waveform graphics allow export in COMTRADE and CSV format.


    PS Simul also provides the statistics module, capable of performing the analysis of a set of data allowing the visualization of the results obtained, through graphs of the types: XY, bar or pie. With this module, we can, for example, obtain graphics required by the IEC-60255 standard showing the minimum, average and maximum operating times of an IED as a function of the fault location and the source impedance relation by the line (SIR).


    The Application relies exclusively on interaction with the CE-70XX Family Conprove Hardware, making it possible to generate the simulated waveforms from within the same environment, without the need to export and import waveform files, and may even interact with the device under test through the closed loop test in stages through an iterative process.


    PS Simul also provides virtual testing with Siemens’ SIPROTEC DigitalTwin virtual relay. With it, it is possible to simulate tests and also carry out open or closed loop tests using the stepwise method. To communicate with the Siemens relay, PS Simul uses an Application Programming Interface (API), which works as a service contract between the two applications.

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