Studies and Simulation of Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Transients

An electrical transient occurs when there is a sudden variation in the steady state conditions of an electrical system, such as the opening or closing of a switch, or the occurrence of a fault at any point in that system.  The transitional periods are very small and, in most cases, insignificant when compared to the period of permanent regime.

Despite this, these transient periods are extremely important, as it is during the occurrence of these that the equipment in the system is subjected to the greatest electrical stresses due to voltages or excessive currents. In extreme cases, an electrical transient can promote harmful results such as making equipment unusable, bringing down a factory’s electrical system or even causing a “black-out” in a city or region. For this reason, a clear analysis of the event is essential for understanding the behavior of the electrical system during the transitional period and such analyzes are performed with EMTP (Electromagnetic Transients Program) software.

In order to meet the demands of analysis of electromagnetic and electromechanical transients, Conprove developed the PS Simul software that will allow the user to model and simulate complex power and control systems, in order to reproduce various phenomena of the electrical system with high fidelity. The software makes available to the user a vast library with more than 400 elements, allowing simulations of: lightning strikes, energizing lines and transformers, transient switching / faults, motor starting, saturation of TC’s, restoring voltages, among several other applications.

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