Electrical Studies (EE)

Conprove offers specialized courses in protection, control and automation of electrical power systems; electrical installations and inspections; equipment – fundamentals for design, operation, maintenance and commissioning; equipment – maintenance and commissioning tests; electrical studies.

With high credibility and market acceptance, Conprove has doctoral instructors, masters and specialists in all the areas in which we operate. There are already more than 23 thousand alumni trained in courses that combine theoretical support and practical classes. Our goal is to offer a complementary training preparing our students to take on new responsibilities and to be updated to the new demands of the market.

Electrical studies are essential to guarantee the correct functioning and operational safety of a system. Any variations in the system topology, such as changes in load, expansion and upgrade can produce conditions for which your network was not originally designed. With this, electrical studies have the role of showing where the critical points are in your network so that the specialist is able to make correct decisions in order to achieve lower operating costs, greater availability and less risk of failure of the analyzed system. Thus, such studies are of great importance and need to be carried out by sufficiently qualified and trained professionals.

Aiming to promote the qualification and training of professionals in this area of activity, Conprove offers a wide variety of training courses that address theory and practice of various types of electrical studies. Among the studies covered, we can highlight: quality of electrical energy, angular and voltage stability, power flow, short circuit calculation, harmonics, electromagnetic transients, among others. The trainings contemplate both theory and practices and are taught by instructors who are experts in the subject.

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