CONPROVE makes available through its website, in order to facilitate the testing of its future and current customers, spreadsheets, tutorials and tips with several step-by-step instructions on how to carry out tests and verifications in the commissioning and maintenance of instruments and equipment.

The tutorials are divided into two sections:

– Secondary Tests: These are tests on Protection Relays (IEDs), Meters, Transducers and Power Quality Analyzer.

– Primary Tests: These are tests on high voltage equipment in the substation yard, such as CT, PT, Power Transformer, Circuit Breaker, Switches, etc.

There are many files, in different formats: Excel Spreadsheets and Acrobat PDF Documents, in order to facilitate the calculations and procedures necessary for the execution of the tests.

Through the column “Tool Used” the user can check the type of instrument is needed to carry out the test methodology, some tests can be performed with any brand of equipment, others only with CONPROVE equipment.

To acquire more knowledge on these subjects, consult the CONPROVE training catalog (Courses) and check the best course options to satisfy your needs.