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    Software Volts/Hz

    Software Volts/Hz

    Automatic tests of the overexcitation function or volts per hertz (24 / PVPH).

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    How to test the overexcitation function (24) with software resources that facilitate and automate the procedure?

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    This software performs automatic tests on overexcitation relays. It allows the user to adjust the ranges of variation and / or frequency and check if there is performance and if it is within the predicted time.

    The user can configure the tests specifying which generation channels are directed to the voltages, can also enable Pre-Simulation conditions 1 and 2 and a Post-Simulation condition.

    The tests performed are: Time Test, Search Test and Course Test. For all tests, it is possible to view the performance curves. To facilitate understanding, these curves can be maximized and have a button for transparency.

    The software allows the Volts/Hz trip and pick-up interfaces to be directed to the Binary outputs.

    In the time test, the main objective is to verify the operating time of each inverse or defined time curve. To insert the test lines, the user has the possibility to fix the voltage and vary only the frequency or the other way around, that is, fix the frequency and vary the voltage.

    In the search test, the idea is to look for the operating threshold (pickup) and for that, the user must set one quantity (voltage or frequency) and vary the other. Thus, the operating threshold in V / Hz is found.

    In the path test, the user will create search lines where the two quantities vary, thus allowing a more complete and accurate assessment of the relay’s behavior.

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    To assist in the analysis, the user will be able to count on waveform and phasor graphics, in addition to of course also inserting two pre-faults and one post-fault.

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