Technical Support

Conprove provides all its customers with specialized technical support service, formed by a team of highly qualified engineers to meet demands quickly and efficiently. Among the main attributions of this support, it can be highlighted:

  • Assist in the commissioning of IED’s and patio equipment, both in relation to technical aspects of operation / parameterization of these elements, as well as in the use of manual and automatic software of the CTC platform (Conprove Test Center) for the tests;
  •  To answer doubts related to concepts of the most diverse functions and philosophies of protection and methodologies of evaluation of these, as well as concepts of tests in patio equipment, such as TP’s, TC’s and force transformers;
  •  Assist in the procedures of self-diagnosis of the equipment, in order to prove the existence of operational abnormalities in them and, if abnormalities exist, give full support to the customer in the procedure of sending the equipment for maintenance;
  •  Contribute to the performance of measurement and calibration tests, as well as in the analysis of the results obtained;

The user can make technical support requests via email or phone.

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Support Team