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    Software RESISTANCE

    Software RESISTANCE

    Used to measure resistance with high precision.

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    Is it possible to automate routine tests performed by micrometers, increasing the reliability and precision of the procedure?

    With the Resistance software, combined with the CE-7012 or CE-7024 hardware, the following tests can be performed:

    • Microhmmeter;
    • Winding resistance with temperature compensation;
    • Isolation (leakage current checking);

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    Developed to perform manual and / or automatic tests on resistances, the “Resistance” software allows the simultaneous generation of current and / or voltage signals and the measurement of current and / or voltage signals for the evaluation of resistance values.

    In it, the user defines, for each signal, a generation channel and a measurement channel according to the configuration of the test equipment. This software is only compatible with the CE-7012 and CE-7024.

    The user has the possibility to carry out the capture of the tests, fully automatically, so that the software controls the generation time and automatically captures the points.

    With this tool, combined with the characteristics of our hardware, the user will be able to fully automate fundamental tests that were previously carried out in an archaic and inaccurate way. Not counting the post-test where reports can be created automatically. Another important detail is the fact that the software is simple to handle. In it, the user will find connection diagrams to facilitate the connection between the test set and the tested equipment.

    In the Microhmmeter test the user has available high DC current and great measurement accuracy to perform the contact resistance test, and the software reports the maximum, minimum and average values ​​of the measured resistance. The procedure adopted is the 4-wire method, which allows greater precision in the measurement of the ohmic resistance.

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    It is also possible to perform the ohmic resistance verification test with temperature compensation for any winding (generator, transformer, motor, etc.).

    Finally, if the user wants to, it is able to check the leakage current in any equipment. In that case, the application of a high AC voltage and a high measurement accuracy will occur between the live part of the equipment and the housing.

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