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    Course of Treatment of Insulating Oil and Drying of Windings of Transformers and Power Reactors – August 2020

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    What is the main function of oil for transformers?

    The main function of the transformer oil is cooling, that is, removing the heat generated inside the equipment to the walls of the equipment, because when the electric current passes through the resistances of the turns it causes a heating. The heat generated internally can cause thermal degradation of the insulating material, which ends up damaging the entire equipment.

    Currently, insulating mineral oil for transformer is the most used type and, depending on the type of oil in its composition, the base can be paraffinic or naphthenic. Less common on the market, it is still possible to find insulating vegetable oil for transformers, however, in order to be used, equipment radiators must be adapted for this type of insulating oil.

    Want to know more about it? CONPROVE offers a course on drying techniques and oil treatment of transformers, since this is the most expensive asset of a substation, the extension of its useful life represents an effective contribution of the operation and maintenance to the company's costs, thus an indispensable course.

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