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    A CONPROVE no Cigre

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    Recentemente a Conprove teve o prazer de apresentar seu trabalho intitulado ANALYZING THE LIMITS OF DATA TRANSMISSION IN THE PROCESS BUS no Seminário Interno do Comitê de Estudos B5 Preparação para a Sessão SC B5 na Bienal Centennial 2021. Confira…

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    Equipment leasing

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      The need for periodic tests to be carried out on protective equipment is a fact! However, these tests do not always require the acquisition of equipment, as their volume and frequency may not be enough to justify the investment.…

    Praise on Social Networks!

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    Check out some of the compliments that CONPROVE received for its products! Thanks to all customers for choosing! Learn more about our products: Trust some two compliments that CONPROVE received for its products! Thanks to all clients for the…

    Basic Concepts of IEC 61850

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    Check out in this video the basic concepts of the IEC 61850 standard as definitions of levels and busbars, the protocols GOOSE and Sampled Values. In addition, Conprove solutions for tests with the IEC 61850 standard will be presented, such…

    Conprove Tutorials – Power Transformers

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    Need to do tests at the primary level? CONPROVE provides training and tutorials for testing primary equipment! Take this opportunity to learn from our tutorials, such as: Power Transformer Tests. Check out some of our tutorials: Need to do…