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    Working with symmetric components in tests

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    Regarding the application of protection in the electrical system through IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices), it is essential to understand the Fortescue Theorem and what the Symmetric Components are about. The application of these concepts brings great advantages in the effective protection of the components of the electrical system.
    On the other hand, when parameterizing protection relay tests, it is also necessary to have a certain theoretical basis and to know the software / hardware resources well so that they are properly configured to meet the needs of the relay manufacturer to perform tests involving symmetrical components. .
    In order to meet these protection testing demands, the Conprove Test Center (CTC) software, together with Conprove's test cases, provide all the necessary resources for facilitated generation of symmetrical components.

    Tests of protective functions involving symmetric components of zero or negative sequences include, for example:

    – ANSI 59N or 64G: Residual or neutral overvoltage;
    – ANSI 50N / 51N: Defined time overcurrent and neutral time delay;
    – ANSI 50G / 51G: Overcurrent of defined time and earth time;
    – ANSI 64: Earth or housing protection;
    – ANSI 87N: Neutral differential;
    – ANSI 87VN: neutral voltage differential;
    – ANSI 67N: Directional neutral overcurrent;
    – ANSI 46: Current reversal or unbalance;
    – ANSI 47: Voltage reversal or unbalance.

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