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    Software Overcurrent

    Software Overcurrent

    Automatic tests linked to the overcurrent (46; 50/51; 50G / 51G; 50N / 51N; PTOC / PIOC).

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    How to test the overcurrent function (50/51 / PTOC / PIOC) with software resources that facilitate and automate the procedure?

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    This software performs automatic tests on overcurrent relays. It allows the user to adjust the current in order to check pickup, drop-out and operating times of functions 50 and 51. Another feature is to check the phase and neutral directionality of the overcurrent elements.

    The user can configure the tests specifying which generation channels are directed to voltages and currents, and can also enable Pre-Simulation conditions 1 and 2 and a Post-Simulation condition.

    The tests performed are: Pickup / Drop-out Test and Time Test. For all tests, it is possible to visualize waveforms, phasors and directional regions.

    There is the possibility of inserting phase curve, negative sequence, residual and zero sequence adjustments. The software has an extensive library with several curves from standards or manufacturers. It also allows, if the curve is not in the database, to register curves through equations, inserting tables or digitizing the curve itself, through manual figures.

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    In the pickup test, the user chooses the type of fault (three-phase, two-phase, single-phase among others) and the possibility of Drop-Out test. In addition, it is possible to view waveforms, phasors and the directional plane.

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    In the time test, the insertion of the test line can be done in a singular way, choosing from the graph or by inserting the fault current, or it can be done in a sequential way, further increasing the test automation.

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    The user has the possibility to insert up to two pre-faults and one post-fault and direct the binary pickup and trip signals to various curves (phase, neutral, negative sequence, etc.)

    Overcurrent Relay Test in Overcurrent Software

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