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    What's new in CTC – 2.01.130

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    Dear colleagues!

    It is with great pleasure that CONPROVE makes available the new version of the CONPROVE TEST CENTER software!

    In order to deliver a superior experience to its users, we make improvements, develop new tools and much more!

    In order to increasingly improve the user experience and assist you in the best possible way, our team has developed a tool to perform remote access support. The user simply has to inform the attendant of our support team his ID and password. From this moment we can help you in your project

    It is now possible to manage CONPROVE hardware remotely with CTC!

    Access can be done via the local network or the internet so that you can control the tests sent to one of our test bags and receive the answers provided by a relay remotely.

    Higher speed in hardware communication and program opening. Shortcut keys were also added to increment, decrement and capture in the Manual software.

    Other factors that will bring an increasingly satisfying user experience are:

    • Inclusion of tests directly by graphics in automatic software and immediate execution.
    • Ease of moving the result tables in the software.
    • Access sample value settings and goose directly on the targeting screen.

    All software in this new version of the CONPROVE Test Center has the new statistical module! This tool allows the user to carry out studies, either through cumulative, percentage or frequency analyzes, presenting varied graphics to better illustrate the evaluated system.

    In the Transient software, we added the traveling wave model, which will help the user to locate at which point in the system the fault occurs.

    With the duty of always evolving and in order to deliver the best user experience, we have developed a new standard of layouts for the CONPROVE Test Center software for its version 2.01.131.

    It is now possible to import hardware configurations when changing solutions within the CONPROVE Test Center, this allows time savings when switching from one software to another, preventing the user from having to repeat their adjustments.

    In the new version of CONPROVE Test Center it is possible to export COMTRADE files up to 60 MHz

    New GPS information was added to the synchronization screen for version 2.01.131 of the CONPROVE Test Center.

    The CTC now has a quick scan tool to diagnose the basic functioning of the hardware.

    CONPROVE appreciates the preference and reinforces that our technical support will always be available to customers for questions or suggestions, request the download at:

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