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    Oscillography Analysis Course – 2020

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    Do you want to become an expert in the process of analyzing oscillography and disturbances in the electrical system?

    The analysis of oscillographs consists of the process of investigating the origin, causes and consequences of disconnections or improper operations in the system, enabling the proposal of preventive / corrective measures and feedback on the functioning of the system to the areas involved. For this whole process to be carried out efficiently, the training of responsible professionals is essential.

    In plants and substations of electrical power systems, the presence of oscillographs is common to monitor electrical quantities such as currents and voltages. With the advancement of digital technology, this equipment has become smaller, more practical, more versatile and cheaper than the old electromechanical oscillographs. They are indispensable tools in the analysis of occurrences in a system, both in the generation of energy, as in the transmission and distribution. There are even rules adopted by the National Operator of the Brazilian Electric System (ONS) establishing that one of the minimum requirements required in installations belonging to the National Interconnected System (SIN) is the Digital Disturbance Recorders.

    Would you like more information? Conprove offers a theoretical-practical course to qualify professionals for the analysis of oscillographs and disturbances that occur in the electrical system. You too, become an expert in this area!

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