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Conprove offers specialized courses in protection, control and automation of electrical power systems; electrical installations and inspections; equipment – fundamentals for design, operation, maintenance and commissioning; equipment – maintenance and commissioning tests; electrical studies.

With high credibility and market acceptance, Conprove has doctoral instructors, masters and specialists in all the areas in which we operate. There are already more than 23 thousand alumni trained in courses that combine theoretical support and practical classes. Our goal is to offer complementary training preparing our students to take on new responsibilities and to be updated to the new market demands. Electrical g

rounding is one of the most important components of an installation, as its main function is the protection of people and equipment through occurrences of faults (short circuits) in the installation. In addition, grounding systems combined with good SPDA (Lightning Protection System) designs, offer a safe, controlled and low impedance path for currents induced by lightning strikes. Thus, it is essential that professionals working in this area seek training for the purpose of making projects and executing them efficiently and in accordance with current regulations.

Thinking about it, Conprove company offer training taught by expert instructors in the areas of SPDA and Grounding Electric, addressing both the theory and practices to design and inspection of these sistemas.JTVCbm




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